Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Alright, I feel like a hypocrite. Yes, I am guilty of making fun of the "girlfriend" in the ads, and asking "what kind of idiot is she"? So, I apologize . . . I take it all back, for now, I am that girl in the ad, sitting amazed at Uncharted 2. Seriously, this is one of the best videogames I have ever seen, and definitely the best video game we have played in class. The storyline is fantastic, the characters have depth and charisma, the graphics supersede all expectations and most of all, I really did feel like I was watching a movie. Of all games that can be analyzed as art, Uncharted 2 may pass the "Henry Jenkins" test.

First of all is the storyline. Henry Jenkins stipulates that a game must go past all the clich├ęs and pratfalls to truly be considered an art form; the storyline of Uncharted 2 meets this criteria. The Tarantino-esque flow of narration- shifting the time and/or location- is apparent from the first few chapters. The flashbacks added a dimension to the plot- thus contributing to the art of the game. This cinematography move is unlike any other video game I have seen and is one of the few, if only, video game that has accomplished such a feat.

Next come the characters and their dialogue, which are above par. The characters are interesting in the fact that they rise above their two-dimensional life and transform into three-dimensional individuals. Nathan Drake, the protagonist, along with Chloe Frazer (his on/off partner), add a depth to the story due to their often sarcastic, humorous and witty dialogue. Sully, Drake's partner, quips along with more clever lines, creating a trio that bounce lines off of one another with ease. This development meets another criterion of Jenkins; creating characters that players actually care about and believe in. Having only played six chapters, I have already grown an affinity for these characters, and if by the end of the game one of them was to reach their demise, it would truly impact me.

Most apparent is the quality of the graphics. It is obvious that developers for Uncharted 2 went beyond the call of duty and gave gamers what they have been clamoring for; a game that looks, feels and acts real. Without a doubt, the graphics pulled me in the most, because I really did feel as if I were enjoying a cinematic experience. If I had not known that one of my fellow students was playing, I would never have guessed Uncharted 2 was a video game.

Uncharted 2 is, and should be, considered an art form. If the future of gaming is a world of similar games, then no one will be able to discredit the growing field of video games. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this game, and would look forward to one day playing it to find out if I can draw out even more from the experience.

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sanch said...

I definitely concur with what you said. Having played through the story, I never felt more engaged, level of thrill or adrenaline rush in any other game but this one. Playing it for my 2nd time still blows me away by the graphics in HD.
Without a doubt, its the number one reason to buy a $300 Playstation 3. It will most likely win Game of the Year. I'm sure the developers are in early production for part 3 and who knows how far that will go.

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